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NIDEK AFC-230 Non-Mydriatic Auto Fundus 3d high definition Camera

Fundus retinal cameras are used by optometrists for monitoring progression of a disease, diagnosis of a disease or in screening programs, where the photos can be analysed later.

The NIDEK AFC-230 High Resolution Non-Mydriatic Digital Retinal Camera takes advantage of the latest technology to become a "Smart" camera. Automatic functions like full 3D eye tracking, autofocus and auto small pupil/blink detection make professional quality imaging easy for novices.

The peripheral retina can be imaged more easily than any other camera using the combination of the AFC-230's extensive internal fixation control and the 3D Auto Tracking to keep the patient's retina aligned while they change fixation.

The 3D Tracking and Alignment of the AFC-230 also makes stereo imaging simple. The Auto Stereo mode maintain a fixed offset between images to make sure that the same stereo base for all pairs.

The high resolution images captured by the AFC-230 will provide doctors with never seen before posterior pole details to allow optimal retinal analysis.

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