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CONTACT LENSES  (CLs) fitting and orders:

please note: Our doctors of optometry do not directly sell or dispense contact lenses at our locations.

To buy contact lenses, you will need to see a licensed contact lenses fitter at the Optical. The contact lenses certified fitter (optician) will be able to properly assess, convert the doctor's RX to a contact lenses RX, properly fit, train patients on proper CLs care, and recommend a proper contact lenses based on your visual needs and prescription.


1. why do i need a contact lenses fit?

As with glasses dispensing, your visual needs, your eye prescription, your eye health, and the shape of your eyes, and occupation will determine the brand, type, size, RX and other parameters of the contact lenses that you need.

Eye care professionals need to measure the shape of your eyes, and see how the contact lenses sit on your eyes, how it interact with your eyes and tear film, how your eye lids interact with the contact lenses, how the contact lenses rotate when you blink, how your vision changes with each of the blink, how the contact lenses settle over time, etc...

For example, for astigmatism patients or patients requiring bifocals or multifocals progressives contact lenses, it is even more important that the contact lenses are fitted properly, rotate properly, move properly when blinked etc... If not, vision and eye health can be compromised.

Not all patients can and should wear contact lenses, and not all patients can wear the same brand or size of contact lenses.

Properly fitted contact lenses will give you the best vision possible, and reduce the risks of inflammations, infections, and others potential complications.




2. Is contact lenses RX same as glasses RX?

NO, the contact lenses sit closer to your eyes, and the power usually needs to be recalculated. The shape of your eyes, the amount of astigmatism, how the contact sit, your eyelids and tear film interaction, the way you blink, or how the contact lenses rotate when you blink can all change the final RX or parameters of the contact lenses that will fit you at that moment.

3. At a much later date, can i order the same contact lenses RX as before without having a proper follow up with the contact lenses fitter?

NO. first, your eye prescription may have changed. Second, as with anything that you wear, from clothes to shoes, the exact same items may not fit you properly later, it is the same with the contact lenses. Your tear film may have changed, your eye lids may have changed: thicker, thinner or may have more pull on the contact lenses. Your eye health may be different and may not be indicated for contact lenses wear anymore. The contact may have rotated more, etc..

The exact same brand and parameters of contact lenses that you have before may not fit you properly anymore after 1-2 year. Manufacturers can also change the design of the contact lenses, the composition of the plastic, even if the brand and numbers seemed to stay the same as before. Separate countries may have slightly different contact lenses, different plastic and designs, even if the brand name on the box is the same.

4. Can i order contact lenses online from an online site?

Only Alberta licensed optical or Drs optometrists can sell and dispense contact lenses in Alberta. Contact lenses are classified as medical devices.The Alberta eye care professionals are trained, licensed to make sure that you have the proper standard of care. They are responsible for your eye care.

Out of  province, or out of country, online sites that sell contact lenses, may not be properly licensed, or may not follow all the standards of care or legal requirements that your eyes need, such as proper fitting and dispensing.

please see your eye care professional for medical advice and care specific to your case. This page and this website do NOT constitute or represent medical or legal advice. It does NOT represent the opinion of the clinic, the company, the doctors, the opticians or the optical.

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